Master Plan

Middletown Township is preparing a comprehensive Master Plan update to serve as a roadmap to guide the future planning of the Township. The Master Plan is a collaborative effort between Planning Board members, Township Staff, consultant BFJ Planning, and residents that will be structured around a community-established vision, goals, and recommendations for Middletown's economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development. This document will provide elected officials and decision-makers with a reference guide when making decisions related to land use, zoning, and capital investment. 

The Middletown community will play an essential role in identifying the key priorities, concerns, and opportunities that the Master Plan should address. There will be numerous ways that the community can get involved and provide feedback to shape the plan throughout the process. 

Master Plan Public Workshop: Wed., 2/21 at 7 PM at MAC

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The Master Plan will also build upon previous plans and studies completed by the Township and other agencies. Because of the importance of the Master Plan, New Jersey law requires that it be reexamined, updated and/or revised at least every 10 years. The Township adopted a 2004 comprehensive Master Plan. Between 2004 and 2023, the Township adopted periodic review and reexamination reports. The 2023 Middletown Master Plan Re-Examination Report provides the most recent statutory review and update of the required elements of the Master Plan under the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL). Middletown’s new Master Plan represents the Township’s continued effort to ensure land use, planning, and zoning policies reflect current issues, changes, and trends that the community is undergoing. See historical master plans and reexams below. 

2024 Master Plan Process 

The Township selected BFJ Planning, a planning consultant firm based in New York City, to assist with developing the Middletown Master Plan. A Master Plan Subcommittee has been formed to work with the Township consultants. The planning process will span approximately 12-months, with various community engagement opportunities occurring throughout the process. The process will occur in three phases, which include an analysis of Middletown’s existing conditions, drafting of the element chapters and recommendations, and the revised and final Master Plan.

Who is on the Subcommittee?

The Master Plan Subcommittee is comprised of seven members who will meet regularly with the Planning Consultant Team to guide and provide feedback as the plan develops. The Subcommittee is comprised of planning board members and Township staff who will also review the draft and final Master Plan. The Subcommittee will report back regularly to the Middletown Planning Board, who ultimately adopts the Master Plan under state law.

A Master Plan is a general plan for the future of a municipality, providing a blueprint of what the community is like now and what we want our Township to be in the future.  The 2024 Master Plan's elements include:

  • Statement of the Goals and Objectives
  • Land Use
  • Circulation
  • Utilities
  • Community Facilities
  • Open Space, Recreation, and Conservation
  • Historic Preservation
  • Economic Development
  • Green Building and Environmental Sustainability
  • Climate Change-Related Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

Master Plan Updates

Background Studies