Special Duty & Outside Work

Police officers are available to provide security or traffic control for your private event within Middletown Township. Officers are allowed to accept these assignments on approval of the Chief of Police and shall be considered "special assignments for independent contractors." However, there are specific guidelines that have been adopted by the New Jersey State Attorney General, the State Division of Local Government Services as well as Township Code Chapter 84-10 (amend. by ordinance 2001-2626), which regulate how these assignments are made and paid for.


Often you may see an officer in a marked police vehicle with utility crews working along our roadways. This is an example of a special duty assignment. These officers are paid for by the private contractor and are in addition to the officers regularly scheduled duties. This ensures proper work zones, the safety of the crews, and the motoring public at no cost to our residents.
  1. Types of Events
  2. Planning Your Event
  3. Event Day & Assignment Denials
  4. Event Cancellations

Types of Events

Officers are typically hired by individuals and organizations to provide a visible, uniformed, police presence and/or traffic control at planned events. Some examples are:
  • Fundraisers
  • Gift auctions
  • Private parties (at homes or banquet facilities)
  • Parent / Teacher Organization / Association events
  • School sports
  • Weddings
It should be noted that the officers are considered "on duty," still have full police powers, must enforce all laws and take police action when necessary.