Professional Standards

Office of Professional Standards

The Middletown Township Police Department has a strong commitment to the community we serve. The agency continually strives for the highest levels of professionalism, dedication and transparency in order to enhance our positive relationship with the public. The Office of Professional Standards, under the command of the Deputy Chief of Police, is responsible for monitoring, auditing, and/or conducting administrative investigations into all complaints against Department members except as directed by the Chief of Police or Department policy. In addition to the oversight of the Department's Internal Affairs function, the Office of Professional Standards provides for the coordination of school and homeland security and ensures that all members of the Department are adequately trained as required. Last, the duties of the office also include coordinating the application process as well as the immediate supervision of newly hired officers while attending the Academy.

The success of any police agency is dependent upon the level of trust and confidence the citizens of the community have in the organization's ability to meet their needs and solve their problems. Maintaining the trust and confidence of the community is an active and ongoing process. The Police agency must employ active strategies in which involve all of its members.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of the Middletown Township Police Department are "Pride and Professionalism." The department trains each officer to take pride in their work product and to be professional in their conduct in their interactions with members of the public. At the Middletown Police Department, professionalism is more than just a word, it is a commitment to continually improve one's knowledge, skills and abilities to provide the best possible public services, not only as individuals but also as an organization.


The Police Department recently upgraded the department's website as part of the Township's commitment to providing improved public services and enhancing communication. These upgrades include the posting and updating of information in compliance with the latest Guidelines and Directives from the Office of the Attorney General for the State of New Jersey. Also, members of the public who wish to advise the Agency of a positive experience that they have had with a member of the Middletown Police can now do so electronically through the "Compliment an Officer" form, now available on the website.

Compliment a member of the Middletown Township Police.

Additionally, the Department has streamlined the process for the intake and processing of complaints from the public. Individuals seeking to report actions of an officer that they deem to be concerning or contrary to proper police conduct have the ability to electronically file an Internal Affairs Complaint Form, which are posted on the Attorney General's website and are available in a wide variety of foreign languages.

File a complaint against an officer of this agency.

Last, the Department has posted Annual Reports, which provide the public with an informative overview of the activities that our officers have been called upon to respond to throughout the year. View the Agency's Annual Reports.

The Middletown Township Police Department continues to take pride in its high level of professionalism, competency and excellence. Our commitment to serve the community is unmatched. All these factors are just part of what makes the Middletown Township Police an agency of distinction and one of the safest communities in the nation.