Poricy Park Camps

The Recreation Department is proud to present this excellent educational summer camp. Campers have the option of a weekly camp focused on fun science and nature topics or our unique Revolutionary Kids program.

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  1. Nature and Science Camp
  2. Revolutionary Kids

Nature and Science Camp

Poricy Camp gives children the opportunity to experience and explore the great outdoors. Each weekly camp focuses on a different nature-related theme. Campers’ days are filled with hands-on science investigations, experiments, stories, crafts, and lots of hikes.

Ideas and activities are adapted to be irresistibly engaging for three age groups: Tadpoles (PreK ages 3-5, morning only), Froglets (Grades K-1-2, morning or add-on full day), and Frogs (Grades 3-4-5-6, morning or add-on full day).

Morning Only: 9:00am - 12:30pm | $105
With Add-On Full Day: 9:00am - 4:00pm | $195

Summer Camp 2020

Week 1: June 29-July 2 (NO CAMP July 3)
Growing Up Muddy: The summer find local ponds brimming with life. Many animals start life in a pond, which makes the perfect nursery. Expect to do lots of netting this week, plus other activities for getting muddy. Learn about frogs, ducks, dragonflies, snails, and even mosquitoes! Not all of their babies are cute and cuddly, but wonder can be found in the strangest places. (4-day rate of $84|$156)

Week 2: July 6-10
Food Science: A bevy of science experiments happen in kitchens every day. This week looks at the science of eggs, yeast, fermentatino, sugar, baking soda, and more! Keep your kitchen clean by making messes with us. Some of our results might even be edible.

Week 3: July 13-17
Native Plants: Native plants play an important role in our local ecosystem. Many insect species cannot survive on foreign plants (including butterflies!). Camp this week will work on identifying some of the most common, helping to combat invasive species, and working in Poricy's native plant garden. Expect activities with flowers, butterflies, planting, squirrels and nuts, and birdwatching.

Week 4: July 20-24
Dinosaurs of NJ: Did you know NJ is the birthplace of modern paleontology? Meet Haddy, NJ's state dinosaur and step back into NJ's geologic past. A past filled with not just dinosaurs, but also giant crocodiles and sharks! Investigate fossils, dinosaur tracks, and coprolite. Imagine if they still walked our neighborhoods today.

Week 5: July 27-31
Whose Woods?: Who does Poricy Park belong to? Learn to track the animals that call Middletown home and spend a day in the life of a deer, owl, or raccoon. Where do they eat, sleep, and play? Each fills a unique spot in our local ecosystem and has a story to tell.

Week 6: August 3-7
How Stuff Works: Ever wondered what was inside your toaster? This camp is a chance to take apart some common machines with no pressure to ever get them back together again. We will explore simple machine and electronic concepts before venturing to make our own contraptions and putting them to the test. Builders needed!

Week 7: August 10-14
The Air Up There: Campers take to the air this week to float, fly, and soar. We will explore the weather that makes wind, look at the chemicals in air, and experiment with the weight of air. Lots of breezy projects including balloon powered cars, sail boats, wind socks, musical instruments, and more.

All campers are required to purchase shirts that they must wear while attending camp. Three shirts will be provided to each camper. Shirts only have to be purchased once a summer, per camper. Additional shirts may be purchased if desired.

All prices are listed for Middletown residents.  Non-residents may register for a higher fee. Middletown Recreation only offers weekly pricing. There is no discount for signing up for all 7 weeks and we do not pro - rate for a daily fee. If you cannot attend a certain day of camp, you still must pay the weekly rate.

No refunds on any summer camp after May 15, 2020, please choose carefully.