Poricy Park Camps

The Recreation Department is proud to present this excellent educational summer camp. Campers have the option of a weekly camp focused on fun science and nature topics or our unique Revolutionary Kids program.

New this year, all campers are required to purchase shirts that they must wear while attending camp. Three shirts will be provided to each camper. Shirts only have to be purchased once a summer, per camper. Additional shirts may be purchased if needed.

All prices below are listed for Middletown residents.  Non-residents may register for a higher fee. Middletown Recreation only offers weekly pricing. There is no discount for signing up for all 6 weeks and we do not pro - rate for a daily fee. If you cannot attend a certain day of camp, you still must pay the weekly rate.

No refunds on any summer camp after May 15, 2018.

  1. Nature and Science Camp
  2. Revolutionary Kids

Nature and Science Camp

Poricy Camp gives children the opportunity to experience and explore the great outdoors. Each weekly camp focuses on a different nature-related theme. Campers’ days are filled with hands-on science investigations, experiments, stories, crafts, and lots of hikes.

Ideas and activities are adapted to be irresistibly engaging for three age groups: Tadpoles (3-5 years old, half day only), Froglets (Grades K-1-2), and Frogs (Grades 3-4-5-6). Available for half day (9am-12:30pm) or full day (9am-4pm).

Half Day: 9:00am - 12:30pm | $105.00
Full Day: 9:00am - 4:00pm | $195.00

Summer Camp 2018

Week 1: July 9-13
Totally Gross Science: Sometimes science isn't pretty. This week is full of science experiments that are smelly, slimy, and gross. We’ll also meet some stinky animals as well as important decomposers. Mud, mucus, and mold – oh my!

Week 2: July 16-20
Our Wet and Wild Watershed: A watershed is all the land that shares the same outlet for all precipitation that lands on it. At Poricy Park, all water flows to the pond, so expect some muddy explorations down there. We’ll also get a bit damp with our science experiments using water and create some water-based art.

Week 3: July 23-27
Towering Towers: How high can you go? Campers will be challenged to go bigger and higher this week. They’ll weigh the advantages of different materials, approach engineering as a process, and work cooperatively to achieve goals. 

Week 4: July 30-August 3
Rocks and Gems: Join us to seek the treasures beneath our feet. Meet some gorgeous rocks and minerals, make art with pigments, grow crystals, and more. We’ll also cover some of the science of geology and learn the stories rocks can tell us about the Earth’s past.

Week 5: August 6-10
Nature's Music: Bring your listening ears to this sound-filled week. Birds sing and frogs croak in nature’s chorus. We’ll also make some instruments of our own to join in. Science experiments about sounds and the wind round out the week.

Week 6: August 13-17
Itty Bitty: It’s easy to be overlooked when you are very very tiny. From magnifying glasses to high powered microscopes, campers will be getting up close in their investigations. We’ll be looking at bugs, seeds, tiny flowers, pond slime, and much more. Great things come in small packages!