Snow Plowing and Removal

The Township of Middletown has over 340 miles of roadway, which are plowed by the Department of Public Works with assistance of local contractors.  Before each storm, the Township begins preparing and planning for snow removal by following a protocol that prioritizes the safety of residents, by clearing pathways for emergency vehicles first and general road accessibility second. 

All Township and contractor plow trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking system to monitor not only where the plows are located, but also to determine the history and frequency of the plowing of every street in town. 

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding plowing and snow removal before, during and after a storm.

For a full list of Snow Prep & Snow Removal Frequently Asked Questions, click HERE.

Snow and Ice Removal Ordinance (Chapter 428, Article III). 

Owners, occupants and/or tenants of premises bordering upon any street in the Township shall remove all snow and ice from abutting sidewalks of such streets within 24 hours from the end of the snowfall. 

Further, Township business owners or other properties generally open to the public with accessible parking spaces have 24 hours from the end of the snowfall to remove snow and ice from the parking spaces, curb cuts and other areas related to the provision of such access.
Throwing, casting, placing or depositing snow or ice into or upon any street within the Township is prohibited.

Failure to comply with the ordinance can result penalties consisting of fines of up to $2,000, 90 days imprisonment and / or community service. Regulations will be strictly enforced in school zones, and where access is required for disabled individuals under these strengthened regulations.  Enhanced enforcement only allows for issuance of a single warning before citations are imposed. Special liens or assessments may be placed on your property if the Township is required to ensure the public’s safety by clearing snow and ice to allow for pedestrian access if not timely addressed by the responsible parties.

  1. Damage Policy
  2. Plowing Method

Residents should note that private driveways and curbs that extend into the roadway that are damaged by snow plowing equipment are not the responsibility of the Township of Middletown and will not be repaired or replaced by the Township.  

In addition, please be advised that mailboxes, lawn sprinklers, shrubs, walls, landscaping features, etc. located in the public right-of-way that are damaged as a result of plowing equipment clearing and throwing snow from the roadway are not the responsibility of Middletown Township and shall be repaired or replaced by the property owner. 

  1. Expressways
  2. Primary Arterial Roads
  3. Secondary Arterial Roads
  4. Collector Streets


The Garden State Parkway and it’s on and off-ramps are the only expressways in the Township. 

Responsibility for snow plowing the Parkway and it’s associated ramps, fall under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.