Brush Collection



Curbside Brush Collection Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What brush collection zone am I in?  

      Visit to find your brush collection zone.  

2.    Where do I go for the brush collection status? 

      Visit to find out where crews are working.

3.    How much brush can I put out?  

     Maximum volume of brush is 4 cubic yards (3 ft. wide, 2 ft. high, 18 ft. long). Maximum limb length is approximately 3 ft. See picture below as a reference. 

DPW_Brush Collection Example

4.    When can I put my brush out?  

     Place loose brush (not in bags)  at the curb no more than one week prior to your collection date. Do not place material on the street and/or sidewalks. This creates a serious hazard for children walking to school and other pedestrians, as well as an unsightly condition in your neighborhood. Do not set brush out after your street has been collected. 

5.    They didn’t collect my brush on my zone start date - what should I do?  

It takes approximately 10 days for crews to get through each collection zone. 

6. What is not accepted in curbside brush collection?  

  • Stumps and logs greater than 8 inches in diameter will not be accepted curbside and are not accepted at the Middletown Recycling Center. Residents are responsible for removal of these items. 
  • Railroad ties, fence posts, and lumber are not accepted in curbside bulk collection or the Middletown Recycling Center. These items are often coated in chemicals that make them toxic and therefore unusable as mulch. Residents are responsible for removal of these items.  
  • Leaves will not be collected in curbside brush collection. Curbside leaf collection occurs in the fall.  
Residents are responsible for brush removal after the scheduled pick up occurs. Under recently amended regulations, Public Works is also authorized to remove improperly disposed materials and assess the cost of removal and disposal against the responsible resident.

Residents - Brush Disposal

  • Residents are welcome to bring brush to the Middletown Recycling Center, free of charge, during business hours (Thursday through Mondays 8:30AM - 4:30PM)..