Road Opening Permit

Road Opening
driveway apron

Road Opening Permits

A road opening permit from the Department of Public Works & Engineering is necessary to perform any of the following excavation work:

* Dig up, break, excavate, tunnel, undermine, or in any manner, break up any street;

* Any excavation in or under the surface of any street for any purpose;

* Place, deposit or leave upon any street any earth or other excavated material.

* Obstructing or tending to interfere with the free use of the street;

* Dig up, break, excavate or undermine or in any way affect any other public improvement within a public right of way. This includes common work such as driveway widening, curb replacement, or driveway apron replacement. 

For more information regarding Road Opening Permits, please contact Patrick O'Brien at or 732-615-2214.