Veterans Affairs Committee

Fallen Veterans Commemorative Street Sign Program

More than 50 KIA signs have been added Township-wide to pay tribute to Middletown veterans who were killed in action from the Revolutionary War to present. The commemorative sign includes the soldier's full name, an American flag, branch of service, campaign served, and a gold star representing the gold star mother and family. The program is managed by the all-volunteer Veterans Affairs Committee with support from the Public Works Department.

Joseph Murray Lane

View the Fallen Veterans Commemorative Street Signs.

Additional Middletown Township Memorial Heritage Sites

Other memorial/monument heritage sites around Middletown include the World War I Memorial located on Church Street near Campbell Avenue in Belford, the World War II Memorial located on Leonardville Road at Croydon Hall, the Korean War Memorial on Wilson Avenue, and the Vietnam Veterans Monument on Harkins Drive off Palmer Avenue.

World War II sign


Township Initiatives to Support Veterans

Middletown Township is committed to supporting our veterans. As part of the Honorary Veterans Parking Program, the Township has designated parking spaces for veterans at Town Hall, the Middletown Township Public Library, and Poricy Park. Middletown plans to hold at least one annual public celebration to honor veterans, encourages local businesses to hire them, will create affordable housing units solely for their use, and promises to always recognize and honor those who have served.

Read about how the Township will continue to support our veterans through Resolution No. 21 - 146. (PDF)

Disabled Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient Placards

For more information and to apply, please visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s website.

To receive such a placard (available at any MVC agency or by mail), applicants must submit the following:

For disabled veterans, present:

For Purple Heart recipients, present:

The applicant’s DD-214 (or DD-215 if applicable);


The applicant’s Award of Disability letter from the Veteran’s Administration.

The applicant’s DD-214 (or DD-215 if applicable), showing Purple Heart Recipient status;


The applicant’s citation awarding the Purple Heart;


The applicant’s General Order for the Purple Heart.


Middletown Flag Drop Box Locations

  • Middletown Recycling Center (52 Kanes Lane)
  • VFW Post 2179 / American Legion Post #515 (1 Veterans Lane)

American flags* that are worn, faded, or damaged can be respectfully disposed of in the Middletown Recycling Center's drop box where members of VFW Post 2179 will collect them and ensure that the proper traditions and ceremony are utilized in the flag's retirement. 

*Note: Only full-sized American flags are accepted in the drop box. Please DO NOT place items embellished with American flag designs in the drop box, such as party decorations, clothing, housewares, or miniature flags.