Tax Assessment

2020 Annual Assessment Inspections

The annual assessment inspection cycle will begin in the coming weeks. This process usually starts in April however, due to the pandemic was delayed until now. We have modified our notification letter to allow for a live “virtual inspection” for those who are not comfortable with an interior walkthrough. 

(Note: All inspectors will wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of physical distance between all persons who occupy the dwelling. The inspectors are tasked with data collection only, they do not value and/or appraise property. They do take a front and rear photo and will enter a rear yard to measure the home in the event an owner is not home. )

Appraisal Systems, Inc. will conduct interior/exterior inspections throughout the Township. The inspectors will have photographic identification visible at all times and wear shirts with company insignia.

Click HERE for an example of the letter.

Tax Bill FAQ

Why is this tax bill estimated?

The Monmouth County Tax Board has not yet certified the tax rate due to the financial impacts of the pandemic.

When is the final tax bill?

Tax bills for the November 1, 2020, February 1, 2021 and May 1, 2021 payments will be mailed and adjusted following certification of the final tax rate for 2020 from the County Board of Taxation.

Where is my homestead rebate or PTR credit?

Homestead Credits have been rescinded by the state of New Jersey and placed into reserve. It is uncertain at this time if any Homestead Credits will be applied in the tax year 2020. Updates will be posted on the tax collectors website at (link to

I have lost my job, unemployment is not enough to cover this, what can I do?

State law does not permit payment plans or forbearances. The Township does not reject partial payments and we encourage you to do so if necessary. Please keep in mind that all accounts must be current by the close of the November quarter or subject to Tax Sale (Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:5-19).

Assessment Inspections 

One week prior to the inspection, a notification card will be sent to each homeowner detailing the process. The inspections take place in groups of 1,000 and will be mailed throughout the year.  If you have not received a letter, there is no need to contact the Assessor’s Office.  The annual inspection cycle takes place in 5 year intervals and thus, your area may not be inspected this year. Appraisal Systems, Inc. will conduct the interior/exterior inspections throughout the Township. The inspectors will carry photographic identification visible at all times and wear shirts with company insignia. The inspectors will knock on the front door in an attempt to gain interior access to each property. If after repeated knocks the inspector finds the owner is not home, they are instructed to walk the property, measure the exterior and take a front and rear photo. 


The Assessor's Office is responsible for retaining all data that may reflect either the value or ownership of all property located in the Middletown Township. The following property information is available through the Tax Assessor's Office:
  • Block and lot, property location, assessments, deed and sales information, map information (lot sizes, lot location, streets), tax rates, and tax ratio
  • Subdivision Information - After approval by the Planning and Development Department
  • The Assessor's Office divides the bulk block and lot into the number of lots involved in the division, making new line items and assessments
  • Map corrections (street vacations, lots created)
  • Variance list (for pools, sub-divisions, additions, etc.) notification to properties within 200 feet
Please note: Applications for variances are obtained in the Planning Department. Information for the variance list is obtained in the Assessor's Office.
  • Search information regarding tax assessment: additions to property, part of search request through the Tax Collection Office

Assessment Records Search

The Monmouth County records system allows you to search for assessed value, sales data, ownership information, tax list history, property record cards, annual assessment postcards and more.

Tax Map Search

The Tax Map Search allows you to search Tax Map information

Deeds Search

Obtain a noncertified copy of a deed by visiting the Monmouth County Records Search page.

Field Persons

Field Persons collect data on improvements for assessment purposes. They also follow through with inspection for permits issued through the Building Department for property improvement. The division conducts the required re-evaluation program of all properties on a required basis. Outside assistance is obtained on commercial, industrial and exempt properties.

Tax Assessment Appeal

To file an appeal online CLICK HERE (complete appeal guide and instructions also available).

To file an appeal by paper, CLICK HERE to print the form.

  • The original petition must be filed with the County Board of Taxation (address below).
  • A copy must be served upon the assessor of the municipality in which the property is located or, in the case of a municipal appeal, served upon the taxpayer.
  • A copy must be served upon the clerk of the municipality in which the property is located or, in the case of a municipal appeal, served upon the taxpayer.
  • A copy should be retained by the petitioner.
  • Any supporting documents attached to the original petition must also be attached to the assessor’s and municipal clerk’s copies.

County Board of Taxation
Hall of Records
1 East Main Street
Freehold, NJ  07728


In addition to Property Tax Deduction forms, the Tax Assessor provides forms for:

Statement of Income and Expenses: