Social Services

Work First New Jersey General Assistance

The Work First New Jersey General Assistance (WFNJ GA) program has 2 standards of monthly grants, which are $140 per month for an individual who is considered employable and $210 per month for an unemployable person.

The municipal welfare department and the New Jersey Department of Labor through an allocation administer the Employability Program from New Jersey Department of Human Services. The program involves employing General Assistance (GA) recipients in public work or other training activities and provides an opportunity for them to obtain unsubsidized employment. If assigned to a public work site, clients are required to work only the number hours equal to the amount of their grant, food stamps grant, and rental assistance divided by an hourly wage rate. A client will be placed in a mandatory 4-week class through the New Jersey Department of Labor.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance (EA) is an extra or additional payment to GA recipients authorized immediately following the occurrence of an emergency. In addition, of the eligible individual or family is in a state of homelessness, the municipal welfare agency determines that the provision of shelter.


The Middletown Township Social Services Department provides referrals to appropriate agencies for every resident if eligible or ineligible for the GA Program.