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1. How did the Township make the decision to collect garbage and recycling township-wide?
2. When will I receive my new garbage and recycling carts?
3. How big are the solid waste and recycling carts?
4. I'm happy with my private garbage company, can I choose to keep them?
5. I'm in the Township's Garbage District now. What changes can I expect?
6. When do I cancel my private garbage service?
7. When will I know what zone I’m in and when my pickups will be scheduled?
8. Why do the carts have a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag?
9. What are the enhanced services we will be receiving through this new program?
10. Will recycling and garbage be handled by the same company?
11. What do the carts look like?
12. What do I do with my old garbage and recycling cans?