How did the Township make the decision to collect garbage and recycling township-wide?

The primary reason the Township Committee opted to go township-wide for garbage collection is because it results in a cost savings for the vast majority of Township residential property owners over the next five years. Additionally, all residents will be receiving enhanced services, including two bulk pick-ups per month at no additional cost and single stream recycling pick-ups every two weeks.

The prior solid waste system had about two-thirds of Township residents in the garbage district, while the remaining third was forced to use private haulers. Seeing trends in both the recycling and solid waste collection industry, the Township was concerned that maintaining the current system would result in higher costs for everyone in the Township.

The Township’s five-year garbage contract expired on June 30, 2017. The Township retained a waste management consultant to prepare bids and help analyze potential cost savings. The results of the bidding process were not known until August 22nd when bids were received. Based upon the bids received, if no change had been made to the current garbage and recycling collection system everyone’s property taxes would have increased 5 to 10 percent over the next five years. By offering a township-wide garbage contract we gained the benefit of economies of scale that would offset the anticipated increases. In fact, it has resulted in cost decreases overall.

The Township followed the public bidding process in accordance with State law. The public was asked for comment on the resolution at the September 18th Township Committee meeting prior to the vote. This decision was not up for public discussion ahead of time due to the complex public bidding process. The public discussion of the details prior to receiving the bids would have resulted in higher bid prices which would not have been cost effective for our residents.

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1. How did the Township make the decision to collect garbage and recycling township-wide?
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