Soccer Showdown

Middletown Recreation's inaugural Soccer Showdown is here! All teams are guaranteed two games in this double elimination, 4v4 tournament. Girls & Boys Recreation divisions (all ages) will play on Monday, August 29th. Girls & Boys Travel divisions (all ages) will play on Wednesday, August 31st. Medals for division winners, commemorative patches for all players!

Teams are broken into the following Divisions based on gender, age, and skill-level. 

2022 Divisions:
Girls Recreation U-7 (2016 birth year)
Girls Recreation U-8 (2015 birth year)
Girls Recreation U-9 (2014 birth year)
Girls Recreation U-10 (2013 birth year)
Girls Recreation U-11 (2012 birth year)
Boys Recreation U-12 (2011 birth year)
Boys Recreation U-7 (2016 birth year)
Boys Recreation U-8 (2015 birth year)
Boys Recreation U-9 (2014 birth year)
Boys Recreation U-10 (2013 birth year)
Boys Recreation U-11 (2012 birth year)
Boys Recreation U-12 (2011 birth year)
Girls Travel U-7 (2016 birth year)
Girls Travel U-8 (2015 birth year)
Girls Travel U-9 (2014 birth year)
Girls Travel U-10 (2013 birth year)
Girls Travel U-11 (2012 birth year)
Boys Travel U-12 (2011 birth year)
Boys Travel U-7 (2016 birth year)
Boys Travel U-8 (2015 birth year)
Boys Travel U-9 (2014 birth year)
Boys Travel U-10 (2013 birth year)
Boys Travel U-11 (2012 birth year)
Boys Travel U-12 (2011 birth year)

There are 4 teams per division (subject to change).* Any team with players not in the correct grades will automatically be disqualified. Players can only play in one skill-level at one age range for one team. Players cannot play for multiple teams, no exceptions. Players should compete in their appropriate skill level in order for everyone to enjoy the most of the tournament. The honor system will be used here. Weighted teams in inappropriate skill levels may be subject to disqualification. 

4-5 players per team. The 5th player will be a substitute. There will be a substitute whistle every 4 minutes. 

One player from each team should complete registration for the team HERE. ALL players must complete a tournament waiver form in order to participate. 

Free Agents

Individual players (free agents) can register in the Recreation divisions ONLY. Free agents will be paired to make teams. Free Agents can register HERE.

Game Format & Rules
Each cross-field match will consist of 12 minute running clocks. The clock will not stop for substitutions, goals, out of bounds, penalties, or minor injuries.* 

4 players from each team will play at a time, no goalies. One parent is allowed on the player sideline to act as coach. 

This tournament takes place on turf. Shin guards and sneakers/cleats required to play. 

A recreation staff member/volunteer will man each field to keep score, keep the pace of play, and to call any major penalties. Please note - this tournament does not involve officiating and the staff member has final say. Players and spectators are subject to our code of conduct. 

The complete set of rules, regulations, equipment information and code of conduct can be found here.

Tournament Schedules
Tournament schedules will be available the week before. Once the schedule is known it is important for all teams and players to arrive 20 minutes before their first game to allow ample time for check-in. 

Call 732-615-2260 or email