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This January, Middletown launched a new Township-wide Garbage and Recycling Program. The program was a big change for our residents, so there was a huge public information push to ensure that everyone stayed up-to-date with the process/schedule.

In September 2017, we created an initial FAQ that was distributed at our Township's largest event, Middletown Day. The flyer was also made available in high-traffic locations in Township buildings and it was printed in our Fall 2017 newsletter that is mailed to all residents. Click HERE to view the landing page that we created to host all new garbage & recycling program information. The Township also had a dedicated telephone number and email address for garbage and recycling related questions.

The Public Information Department then created a brochure that was sent to every household to provide information to residents and explain the details of the new program. A paper version of the flyer is available in your packet, or you can view it by clicking HERE.

In addition to this mailer, we used our website and social media channels to distribute information. We also developed a calculator that helped residents determine if there was going to be any financial impact based on the assessed value of their home.

E-Newsletter (Bulletin)                                  

Our weekly e-newsletter, Middletown Minutescovers Township news, happenings, and events in all departments and throughout town. The newsletter is distributed every Thursday or Friday and has a circulation of about 10,000 residents. It is also shared via social media. Click HERE to view the Middletown Minutes

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Cable/Local Access Programs

Middletown Township maintains a municipal access television station that is viewable 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Middletown TV is on Comcast Channel 20 and Verizon FiOs Channel 26. The content we run on our municipal TV channel is also available on our Township's municipal YouTube Channel

This year we launched a new segment called "A Minute with the Mayor" and televised two PSAs. One PSA covered an income tax exemption for veterans, and the other explained how to understand your tax bill. We also created a segment called "Meeting Middletown" that features employees from various departments so residents can learn more about what they do and how they are integral in making our town function. 

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There are several ways residents can access upcoming events in Middletown Township: 

1. Residents can view upcoming events and meetings on the main calendar on the Township's homepage. Click HERE to view. 

2. Middletown partnered with Burbio.com, a free website and app that puts Middletown community, government, school & school sports and library events all in one place.Click HERE to view. With Burbio.com, our residents can select calendars to follow, create a personalized event feed, sync events to their personal calendar instantly, and get notified when things change.  Burbio

3. Events are also advertised through the Township's Facebook page. Click HERE to view. 

Environmental Services (Environmental Publications/ Recycling News)

The Recycle Coach App

Recycle Coach

In an effort to help promote recycling and help our residents remember when to place garbage, bulk and recycling curbside for pickup, the Township partnered with Recycle Coach. Recycle Coach is a mobile and web application that contains garbage, bulk and recycling information. It can be downloaded for free from the iTunes or GooglePlay app store. Residents can access collection schedules, events, and search acceptable recyclable materials.  Alerts and reminders are also available via the app. Click HERE to view the Recycle Coach App.

Middletown Township NJNG Municipal Energy Audit Program

The Township's Green Team and Public Information Department has been working with New Jersey Natural Gas to create and promote a pilot program for residents and local businesses to save energy and money, as well as help bring us closer to our goal of a sustainable community. We use our website, municipal TV channel, e-newsletter, printed newsletter, and social media channels to spread the word.

Click HERE for additional information. 

Recycling Tip of The Week

The Township provides a "Recycling Tip of the Week" that is shared via the Middletown Minutes (our weekly e-newsletter) as well as via social media. The initiative is meant to encourage residents to recycle and to raise awareness about how to recycle properly. Here is an example of one of our tips:  Tip 2 - cardboard


The Public Information Office puts together a 12-page biannual newsletter called Middletown Matters that highlights the news and events in Middletown. It is mailed to every household within the Township and is also available on our website. Copies of the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 newsletters are available in the packet. To view past newsletters, click HERE

Spring-Summer Matters 2018

Official Municipal Website

The Public Information Office is responsible for editing and maintaining the municipal website, www.middletownnj.org. Click HERE to go to the homepage. 

Official Social Media Pages

Click on the images to visit Middletown Township's official social media pages:



Middletown Township Channel 


Special/Innovative Program

"Made in Middletown" Small Business Appreciation Initiative made in middletown

In May 2018, the Middletown Township Committee initiated the "Made in Middletown" campaign to help spotlight small businesses that are so vital to our town's economy. During their visit, they meet with the owner to discuss what their business offers to residents, what makes them successful, what they give back to the community, as well as present them with a certificate to thank them for being “Made in Middletown”.

Photos are taken during the presentation and then we promote the business via our weekly e-newsletter, Middletown Minutes, as well as via our social media channels.

Click HERE for additional information.