Earth Day

2020 Earth Day

With the township still being under quarantine during Earth Day 2020, please enjoy this special "message of inspiration" from many of our Green Team members.  What will you be doing today?

2016 Earth Day

The Township celebrated 2016 Earth Day as a Day of Service. Middletown Recreation Department and Public Works Department, the Green Team and volunteers helped establish the newest Middletown Township multi-use trail at Campo Woods. Volunteers worked to clear an unbeaten path through means of raking leaves, snipping dead branches and various other trail blazing procedures.

Earth Day

2015 Earth Day

The Township of Middletown chose to celebrate 2015 Earth Day in the form of a “working” day. On April 25, 2015, Project partners including the Poricy Park Conservancy, Township of Middletown, Middletown Green Team, The College of New Jersey Bonner students, and Middletown High School North science club students volunteered their time and labor and completed Phase 1 of the Murray Bank Pond Stabilization project to install 12 natural coconut fiber, coir, logs and matting to build up and stabilize the southern bank of the Murray Pond from erosion. The Murray Pond located in Poricy Park is a thriving freshwater ecosystem. Overtime, water and ice hitting the banks from below and stormwater flowing off the land from above have removed soil and rock along the southern bank of the pond. This project sought to preserve the Murray Pond ecosystem by stopping the erosion along a 70-foot length of its southern shoreline.

earth day