Recycling Collection

Recycling is Mandatory.  All Township residences, schools, organization and businesses are required to recycle.  Recycling in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.

  Violators may be fined. 


What can I recycle and where?  See our Comprehensive Recyclable Materials Chart.

  1. Curbside Collection
  2. Recycling Center
  3. Train Station Recycling Area
Recycling Container (JPG)

Curbside Collection:

All recycling must be inside of the Township-provided blue carts for collection.  Anything outside of the carts will not be collected.

Recycling materials are collected curbside in a single stream process (glass, cans, cardboard, newspaper together and loose in the same cart, etc.). Recycling in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.  Violators may be fined. Please rinse your recycables and remove caps.  They can be discarded in the garbage.

Cardboard is a recyclable item, it is not considered bulk, regardless of size.  It must be broken down and inside the blue cart for collection..

Carts must have 3 feet of clearance (from mailboxes, basketball hoops, additional Township carts, vehicles, etc.) on all sides as the garbage truck uses a mechanical arm, otherwise it may not be collected.  Mailboxes, basketball hoops, etc. that extend into the roadway are the responsibility of the resident, if damaged during collection.

Recycling will not be collected on New Years day, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.  Should your recycling day fall on one of these, it will be collected on the following Saturday.