Garbage, Recycling & Bulk Collection

Only garbage or recycling inside of the Township-provided carts will be collected.  Garbage bags adjacent to the carts will not be collected.

Recyclable materials shall be loose (no plastic bags) in the Township-provided blue cart.  Cardboard is a recyclable item, it is not bulk.  It must be broken down and it must be inside the blue recycling cart for collection.  

Bulk items are considered large items that do not fit into the black garbage cart, such as furniture, mattresses, etc.  Bulk items in garbage bags will not be collected.  Please note that bulk is collected in a separate truck from the garbage collection. 

Carts must have 3 feet of clearance (from mailboxes,  basketball hoops, additional Township carts, vehicles, etc.) on all sides as the garbage truck has a mechanical arm, otherwise it may not be collected.  Mailboxes or basketball hoops that extended into the roadway are the responsibility of the resident, if damaged.

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Garbage & Recycling Program hotline: 732-615-3233 or you can email us at

What can I recycle & where do I recycle it? See our comprehensive recycling chart!

For issues with your former solid waste or recycling company, please contact the NJ Consumer Affairs Department at (973) 504-6200. Click here to file a complaint online or to fill out a printable form and mail it in to the Division. 7:26H-5.12 Customer Bill of Rights - NJDEP Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste