Emergency Medical Services

Middletown's Emergency Medical Services Department consists of 5 all-volunteer first aid squads. The Township funds vehicles, uniforms and equipment for the squads. EMS responds to an average of 12 emergency medical calls every day.  Visit our facilities page for information on five squads.
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How EMS Works in Middletown 

New Jersey has a "two tier" system for providing emergency medical service. The first tier is called "Basic Life Support" (BLS). They provide services like bandaging, splinting, CPR, oxygen, some basic medication administration/support and can handle most medical and trauma emergencies. A second tier, "Advanced Life Support" (ALS), provides additional medical services, such as IV therapy, advanced medication administration, and some advanced airway and respiratory procedures.

Depending on the type of emergency, either BLS will be dispatched or both BLS and ALS will be dispatched. If ALS is dispatched and is not needed based on the patient's condition, they will release care to the BLS providers or the BLS providers will cancel ALS. The BLS agency is typically the agency that will transport the patient to the hospital, and ALS will ride in the same ambulance if their services are needed.

During certain hours of the day, the BLS service may be provided by Township volunteers (Middletown Township First Aid and Rescue Squad, Fairview First Aid Squad, Port Monmouth First Aid Squad, Leonardo First Aid Squad, Lincroft First Aid and Rescue Squad) and there is no charge for their service. At other times, the BLS service could be provided by a licensed agency called "Middletown Emergency Medical Services, Inc". This agency bills for service. The ALS service is always provided by a licensed agency and they bill for their service. The ALS agency typically in this area is either Hackensack Meridian/JFK or RWJBarnabas.

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