Township History

Adopt A Historic Cemetery

Cemeteries from the 17th and 18th centuries are nestled in wooded areas among residential neighborhoods in the Township of Middletown. The fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters interred in these cemeteries are the earliest settlers of our town, and many of our streets are named for their families. These historic cemeteries are a part of our American heritage, and their restoration and maintenance would be a wonderful project for a group or individuals such as a Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Read more about adopting cemeteries in Middletown.

Architectural Review (Certificate of Appropriateness)

The Landmarks Commission provides architectural review of structures within Historic Districts. Property owners planning additions or modifications to structures within historic districts are required to undergo an architectural review and obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Commission. The purpose is to insure that the historic integrity of the district is maintained for all residents in the neighborhood and in the township.


Monmouth County was organized into municipalities in 1693 when its 3 original townships were formed. One, Middletown, then embraced all of Monmouth County north of the Navesink River and east of Freehold Township.

Historic Districts

There are 5 designated historic districts in Middletown Township. They are Chapel Hill, Locust, Monmouth Hills, Navesink and Middletown Village.

Historic Preservation Commission

The Middletown Historic Preservation Commission is charged with fostering awareness and appreciation of our community’s history, advancing public knowledge through outreach programs and education, and encouraging the growth of heritage tourism in the township.

Landmarks Commission

The Landmarks Commission is an advisory body that promotes the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of Middletown through the preservation of historic buildings and structures, and of places and districts of historic interest.

Throckmorton-Lippit-Taylor Burying Ground

Middletown is one of the oldest settlements in New Jersey, and this is the oldest recorded family burying ground in Middletown. The men, women, and children interred here represent some of the earliest settlers of the town, and their lives reflect those who founded our country.