Middletown Township

Free Rabies Vaccinations

September 20 for Cats, October 4 for Dogs

posted: September 05, 2008
Middletown Health Department
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Free Rabies Vaccinations
By Senior Sanitarian Rich Debenedetto

Everyone is invited to get a free rabies vaccination for their cats on September 20th from 9a.m. to 11a.m. and their dogs on October 4th from 9 a.m. to noon at the Middletown Health Department located at the corner of Kings Highway and Penelope Lane.

State law requires all dogs and cats to be vaccinated and licensed. Since the early 1940s mass vaccinations have been held for dogs to reduce animal and human deaths from rabies. Rabies is an ancient disease that is caused by a virus found in the saliva of infected animals. The rabies virus attacks the nervous system causing an inflammation of the brain and is almost always fatal. In animals, it may affect part of the brain that causes aggression and can cause them to attack without fear and provocation.

Since rabies is endemic to all parts of the state, we need to make sure that our pets are protected against contact from infected wildlife. By way of proper vaccination, we can protect our four-legged and two-legged family members.

To obtain more information about these free clinics, pet licensing or any other Animal Control question, please contact the Health Dept at 732-615-2095. Click here for more information