Snow Plowing & Removal

  1. Damage Policy
  2. Plowing Method
  3. Removal Regulations
Residents should note that private driveways and curbs that extend into the roadway that are damaged by snow plowing equipment are not the responsibility of Middletown Public Works and will not be repaired or replaced by the Township. 

In addition, please be advised that mailboxes, lawn sprinklers, shrubs, walls, landscaping features, etc. located in the public right-of-way that are damaged as a result of plowing equipment clearing and throwing snow from the roadway are not the responsibility of Middletown Township and shall be repaired or replaced by the property owner.
  1. Expressways
  2. Primary Arterial Roads
  3. Secondary Arterial Roads
  4. Collector Streets
  5. Local Streets

The Garden State Parkway and it’s on and off-ramps are the only expressways in the Township.

Responsibility for snow plowing the Parkway and it's associated ramps, fall under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.