Recycling is Mandatory.                                                                        

Recycling is collected curbside in single stream process and is also available for drop off at either the Kanes Lane Recycling Center or Middletown Train Station Recycling Area.  Drop off locations are for Middletown residents only.

All Township residences, schools, organization and businesses are required to recycle.  Recyclable material MUST be separated from garbage.  Garbage that includes recyclable materials WILL NOT be collected.  Recycling in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.  Violators may be fined. 
          Comprehensive Recyclable Materials Chart


Please note:
There is NO recycling collection on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.  Recycling will be collected on the following business day.

No Plastic Bags
Recycling chart2
  1. Curbside Collection
  2. Kanes Lane Recycling Center
  3. Train Station Recycling Area
recycle cans

Curbside (Single Stream) Recycling Collection:

Recycling materials are collected curbside in a single stream process (glass, cans, cardboard, etc.) and may be placed in the same container for pick up on your scheduled recycling day.

Recycling should be placed curbside the night before collection in a covered container no larger than 45-gallons with a maximum weight of 50 pounds.  Also, please remember that recyclables can not be mixed with regular garbage.

Recycling in plastic bags WILL NOT be picked up.

All recyclable materials are collected twice a month, per your recycling zone.  Check your zone here on the Middletown Township Public Portal. Step by step directions.

Recycling Curbside Collection Schedule by Zone

​Items Accepted:
Aluminum, tin cans, cardboard (boxes broken down), glass containers, mixed paper (junk mail, brown paper bags, catalogs, cereal boxes, construction paper, envelopes, magazines, office paper, soft cover books, wrapping paper, newspaper, plastic containers with the #1, 2 or 5 symbols only on the bottom.

Items Accepted when scheduled and fees paid: Refrigerators ($25), air conditioning units ($25), dehumidifiers ($25), stoves ($20), washers ($20), dryers ($20), TV ($20 - maximum of 2 TVs), and basic metal parts ($20).

Items Not Accepted: Aluminum foil, pie tins, aluminum trays and cookware, food-contaminated cardboard (pizza boxes), waxed cardboard, electronics, glass dishware, light bulbs, ceramics, window glass, food wrappers, paper plates, hardcover books, any products used for food or personal hygiene, newspaper used for pets or household products, appliances, dehumidifiers, heavy plastics (trash cans, buckets, storage containers, coolers, children's toys, play equipment), motor oil, scrap metal, tires, construction equipment, rubber or vinyl products, aerosol cans, paint cans, paint thinners, bolts/nuts/screws, wire hangers, fence posts, tree stumps, plywood, railroad ties, grass clippings, rechargeable/car/household batteries, and plastic containers with the #3, 4 or 6 on the bottom.