Brush & Leaf Collection

Brush and leaves are collected once each annually.  Brush is collected in the spring and leaves are collected in the fall.
Spring brush collection was completed on 6/23/17.  
Residents may dispose of any additional leaves (November 1st to June 1st) or additional brush (year round) at no charge at the Kanes Lane Recycling Center, Thursday through Monday, from 8:30 am - 4:30pm.  

Landscapers with a valid Middletown Landscaper Permit, may drop off leaves (from November 1st to June 1st) at no charge and brush (year round) for $10 / CY.
*The 2017 curbside leave collection schedule will be posted soon.* 

Please note that collection start dates are approximate and weather dependent.
  1. Schedule & Status
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  3. Leaf Guidelines
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  5. Christmas Trees

2017 Brush Collection Schedule

Zone Approx. Start Date* Current Status
I           March  27 Completed
K           March  27 Completed
J           April  10 Completed
L           April  10 Completed
F           April  24 Completed
H           April  24 Completed
A           May  8 Completed
B           May  8 Completed
C           May  22 Completed
D           May  22 Completed
E           May  30 Completed

          May  30