Garbage & Bulky Waste Collection

Household garbage (solid waste) collection is dependent upon location.  Residents in the Solid Waste Collection District pay a garbage tax to receive municipal collection services. Residents not located in the district do not pay this tax and must arrange for a private hauler to collect their garbage. Check here to see if you are in the Solid Waste Collection district.
Garbage collection is categorized into 2 types of collections:

Type 10 Solid Waste:
Type 10 Solid Waste is your typical household garbage, not including recyclable items. 

Bulky Waste:

Bulky waste is defined as fixtures, furniture and Christmas trees. Bulky waste cannot be more than 6 feet in length and may not weigh more than 75 pounds.

Items Not Included:    Building and demolition material, household major appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures.
Residents in the Solid Waste Collection District are limited amounts (2 or 3 pieces, totaling no more than 50 pounds) of bulky waste.  Collection will occur on the 2nd collection day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) of each week.