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Golf Squirts

Using the SNAG (Starting New At Golf) system, participants use oversized, lightweight clubs to encourage the correct grip and swing technique. In a safe and controlled environment this program makes learning simple, progressive and fun. Ages 4-5


SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is a revolutionary way to introduce children to the world of golf. Incorporating fun learning tools and method, this program is all about having fun while learning the fundamentals of the different strokes and swings.

Utilizing the SNAG system means that USSI golf programs can take place both indoors and out.  Similar to other sports, all USSI programs use developmentally appropriate equipment, designed to allow children to experience immediate success. The modified golf clubs encourage children to develop the correct grip and swing mechanics. A full set of golf clubs contains 14 clubs, for a young player learning how use all these would be too complex. The USSI golf curriculum focuses on simplifying coaching to allow players to grasp all elements of the game, and ultimately transition to a full game of golf. Ages 6-10